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Whether you are building your dream home from the ground up, embarking on a renovation or refreshing your existing space, we are committed to providing our clients with a collaborative and creative design experience. We now offer two options to our clients based on the level of support you are seeking for your design project – Full Service Design and a One Time Design Consultation.

Design Options

Full Service Design

Are you looking for support establishing a vision for your home and need the guidance of seasoned professionals to bring that vision to life? With our Full Service Design package, we are there every step of the way to make the whole process easy and as seamless as possible from onboarding to installation.

One Time Design Consultation

Are you looking for a lighter level of support with a design project? Our One Time Design Consultation will provide you with 1 to 3 hours of one on one time with an interior designer to cover anything and everything you are looking for advice on.


What type of projects can you do?

House Dressing is a full service interior design studio. We are capable of offering assistance with the many types and sizes of projects. The following are a few examples.


    • New Build Complete Finishes and Furnishings
      Whether you have just decided to build a new home, or you have already begun the process, House Dressing can step in and assist you with space plans, lighting plans, furniture plans, custom cabinetry selections, all fixtures and finish selections, and all furnishings and accessories.
    • Remodel Complete Finishes and Furnishings
      House Dressing can assist with any type of remodeling process. Whether you are redoing one single room, or your entire home, we can guide you through the steps to creating your perfect space. We can help you rethink your current space plan or simply utilize what currently exists. We can offer custom cabinetry style and finish suggestions as well as lighting fixture options. We can select all finishes, fixtures, and furnishings in order to create a space that meets all of your wants and needs.
    • Full Decorating Services
      If you are looking to freshen up an existing space, this is the option for you! We offer assistance with selecting paint colors/wallpaper, flooring, and all soft goods such as: custom window coverings, custom pillows, bedding, and upholstery. We also offer all other home furnishings and accessories such as case goods, rugs, and lamps.
    • Light “Fluffing”
      Sometimes a room just needs a quick sprucing. If that is the case, a member of our team can come and add a few new accessories such as lamps, pillows, greenery, art etc. We can restyle what you currently own or provide fresh new options that would complete your space.


    • One- Time Design Consultation
      Ideal for the person who is ready to tackle a project on their own, but searching for that professional design touch. Whether you need help with how to lay out your furniture, guidance on how to complete your space, or a “stamp of approval” on finishes you’ve selected to take on a bathroom renovation, we can take the time to review what you’re working with and give valuable feedback!
Is there a charge for the onboarding initial consultation?
  • We feel that an initial consultation adds considerable value to any design project, therefore, yes, it is considered billable time.
  • For any Full Service project, time is billable by the hour.
  • Our One Time Design Consultation is priced at a flat rate; invoice for service will be sent and must be paid prior to meeting
What can I expect during my initial consultation?

We use the initial consultation as a way to gain insight about your project as a whole, your goals, design style, and assess needs. It’s also a great way for us all to get to know one another! Additionally, we may measure for space plans, make “to – do” lists and take photos if we choose to have your consult on site.

What happens after my initial consultation?
  • We will put together a Letter of Agreement that covers everything we are responsible for accomplishing in regards to your project, your designer’s hourly rate, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Once your Letter of Agreement is read, understood and signed your designer will get to work pulling together a plan for your project, making selections, choosing paint colors. Whatever the goals of your project are, your designer will start working to achieve them. You may then have another face to face meeting to discuss potential selections or you may receive digital presentations. It is all dependent on YOU and what’s best for YOUR project!
What can I expect during my one time design consultation?

During the One- Time Design Consultation, you will be given 1 to 3 hours with an interior designer to discuss whatever it is you need help with! You have free reign during the meeting to discuss any and all facets of your project that may have you stumped, all while your designer provides real time advice and feedback. Items that could easily be tackled during a one-time consult include, but are not limited to:

  • Paint colors/color schemes for interior, exterior, cabinetry, etc.
  • Confirmation of finish selections for new build or remodel
  • Best layout for furniture in a particular space
  • Assistance with filling holes/determining what’s “missing” in your home

The amount of time spent with your designer is completely up to you, however, our Project Managers will want to nail down how much time you anticipate wanting to use, so they can schedule accordingly!

These consultations are offered on a limited basis (1-2 per month) and the designer assigned to your project will depend completely on the availability of our each designers at the time you schedule.

What happens after my one-time design consultation?

After your consultation, your designer will follow up with a typed copy of your meeting notes. These notes will include feedback/suggestions given during the meeting, and may also include items like paint color suggestions, inspiration images, shopping guides, etc. You can expect to receive your meeting notes within 5-7 business days.

Once you’ve received your notes, you are free to tackle your project on your own! In the event you decide you need continued help, you will need to reach out to schedule help on a “full service” scale.

Do I have to make purchases through you or can I shop on my own?

FULL SERVICE DESIGN: No! However, we do ask that once a design plan has been started that you not make any major purchases without consulting with your designer. They have a vision in mind and the selection, while it may be great, it may not be a great fit for the design, space or budget. As for any items being presented to you for purchase through House Dressing, you will be given detailed specifications about these items for your consideration.

ONE- TIME DESIGN CONSULT: If you consider yourself more hands on and want to use ideas and guidance from your designer to shop on your own, this package is likely a PERFECT fit for you and your project!

Can custom orders be returned?

No, we do not offer returns on custom orders.

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Shipping times vary between vendors. Before any purchases are made, we will make you aware of estimated arrival time and ensure that it aligns with your project timeline. In the event of a sudden change in availability or ship time, we will relay any and all updates to you as we receive them.

What is billable?

We bill for all project materials ordered on your behalf. We bill by the hour for all time spent on your project (full service projects) which can include travel, communication (written and verbal), shopping, sourcing, workroom pickups and deliveries, site visits, progress meetings and installation.

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