One Time Design Consultation

Want to tackle a project on your own, but need a little “professional design touch” to ensure you’re headed in the right direction? Our One Time Design Consultation can help you achieve this!


Whether you need help with how to lay out your furniture, guidance on how to “complete” your space, or a stamp of approval on finishes you’ve selected to take on a bathroom renovation, we can take the time to review what you’re working with and give valuable feedback! All we need is a little leg work from you. For example, do you need help with furniture layouts? Sketch out your space and take some helpful measurements and photos! When it’s time for your meeting, bring your “homework” with you to the HDI design office and we can work our magic!

Feedback & Follow-up

To provide you with guidance for your project and ensure you didn’t miss any valuable information provided during your meeting, your designer will follow up with a typed copy of your meeting notes. Based on what the focus of your time was, these notes may also include things like paint color suggestions, inspiration images, shopping ideas and more. Our goal is to leave you with all the necessary tools to feel confident implementing these design ideas on your own!

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